Hello, I'm Helen Jarrel RVN

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My Background

Animals are wonderful, and for me they have been my life. We have always had animals at home, bunnies, hamsters, dogs, sometimes all at the same time. Growing up I spent hours reading everything I could and watching all the TV programmes about animals. During my weekends I volunteered at a local stable which taught me the importance of good animal hygiene and to be patient with them. I also learned that every animal has their own personality. It was therefore a natural progression for me to go to college and study for a Diploma in Animal Management, gaining a triple distinction across all the modules. 

My Passion is Therapy

After leaving College I then qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2013. There then followed more qualifications in Exotic Animals, Canine Hydrotherapy, and Canine Massage. During this time of study I realised my love for rehabilitation. As I became more involved in rehabilitation I became more convinced that rehabilitation should be part of an animals' therapy. My particular interest is in older dogs who tend to suffer with arthritis and other normal aging pains that can be helped with massage and hydrotherapy. This passion has lead me to establishing Dogapy Rehabilitation, providing canine massage to help ease dogs pain and to aid their recovery. 

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